Age of Injury Reports

Radiologists are the medical specialty specifically trained, licensed and Board Certified to evaluate medical images. Our evidence based medicine approach allows our radiologists to accurately analyze the information provided for review and to render in the context of applicable evidence based medicine guidelines a professional Age of Injury report and Injury Causality Analysis.

Age of Injury

An "Age of Injury" (AOI) report is a methodical analytical process by which a skilled radiologist reviews a diagnostic image or image set (MRI, CT, Xray, ultrasound, etc) along with the corresponding diagnostic report that was completed by the primary reading radiologist, to evaluate a specific injury in relation to a specified time frame.

An expert radiologist is able to make these determinations by identifying specific objective signs of acute (recent) injury versus signs of degenerative changes that are evidence of chronic (long standing) conditions. This methodology and analysis may be limited by acute re-injury intensifying or exacerbating chronic long-standing conditions or older injuries. All analyses are dependent upon the information provided.

Utilizing the objective findings evident on the diagnostic images and the relevant specific circumstances of the specific case, our radiologists are able to provide an expert independent professional medical opinion with the required high degree of clinical certainty as to whether the findings demonstrated are acute, subacute or chronic.

An Injury Causality Analysis provides further in-depth analyses. This may provide evidence of acute re-injury intensifying or exacerbating chronic long-standing conditions or older injuries. The more in-depth the analysis the greater requirement for more clinical and imaging data, and information describing the historical sequence of events. As in most things, the greater the analysis, the greater the accuracy, but the greater the time requirement, which increases the cost of the analysis.

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