Medical Imaging Online

Keep your medical records and medical imaging exams secure and available all times. This is a completely web-based "cloud" system that supports all medical imaging modalities with a US government approved, HIPAA compliant secure system.

All medical records are available from anywhere at anytime 24/7/365 with our 100% web-based system. This integrated streamlined system provides consistent viewing and availability to your selected physicians and other approved personnel.

Secure Unlimited Physician Access
Secure Unlimited Approved User Access

Web portal and mobile Apps included!

Image Viewer with Streaming
Works on Windows, MAC and Linux

The web Portal and Mobile App are cutting edge applications that provide advanced levels of interactivity while maintaining ease of use and US government approved HIPAA compliant security. Your medical exams and reports are available to view with without the need to download any special software. The mobile version of is based on HTML5 web protocols, so it will work with a wide range of smart phones and tablets including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Data is transmitted via TLS encryption to ensure each transaction is secure and US government approved HIPAA compliant. Wherever images are viewed the data is always secure and easily accessible.

Audit Trails provide the ability to monitor activity. Always know which of your doctors, clients and patients has access.

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