NightHawk Radiology

NightHawk Radiology provides a wide range of world-class professional medical services including radiology and cardiology. NightHawk Radiology provides services across the United States in multiple locations spanning from the East Coast to West Coast, and from north to south.

Our medical division provides primary radiology and cardiology interpretations (“reads”) and secondary over read services to hospitals, hospital networks and independent clinics. Additionally, we provide expert opinions and over read services to third-party administrators and insurance companies. Our medical/legal division physicians offer expert opinions, testimony and expert witness services.

NightHawk Radiology, Inc. provides professional medical services including radiology and cardiology. American TeleMedicine Inc. provides the data backbone and telemedicine infrastructure service. NightHawk Radiology, Inc. and American TeleMedicine, Inc. have been working together since 1999.

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