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Visual depiction of Covid-19 Virus

What is the Coronavirus and How Do You Know if You Have it?

As coronavirus cases reach the thousands, we must be prepared to diagnose and treat this threat.
two doctors working on a surgery

Digital Radiology: Aiding Surgeon’s Actions in Critical Situations

A patient lies on an operating table, surrounded by a medical…
hand holding a vial with a depiction of DNA in the background

Gene Therapy Method Developed to Fight Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease affects over 30 million Americans, most…
zoom in illustration of a Brain Tumor

New MRI scanner could revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors

According to an article by Zara Adams done through the University…
two actors dressed as cinderella and prince charming with a child

There’s More Than a Castle on the Cloud

At Nighthawk Radiology we employ cloud imaging for sharing as well. This allows hospitals quick and easy access to reports, images, and our U.S. Board Certified Doctors. We know just how important it is for information to be shared quickly, safely, and accurately.
illustration of a skull with questions

What Happened? Can You Prove it?

Using the information provided in imaging, medical records, and clinical data radiologists can make pretty accurate conclusions on how any certain damage occurred.
child reading a book

Summer Reading Matters!

A brain MRI showed an increase in grey matter after students completed their summer reading program.
an xray of a brain experiencing alzheimers

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

An estimated 5.5 million American’s suffer from Alzheimer’s which causes brain cells to degenerate and die reducing brain function.
ct scans of baseballs

There’s No Crying In Radiology!

A CT scan of the 1907 final-out World Series baseball revealed that it was missing the mandatory cork or rubber core – making it a “mush” or dead ball.