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What Happened? Can You Prove it?

Causality is a medical analysis that goes hand in hand with Age of Injury Reports. To read our examination of Age of Injury Reports click here. Returning to causality, radiology can reveal far more than what’s broken. As we saw in Age of Injury, scans can give us the range of time the damage occurred in. So when it comes to Causality Reports well-trained Radiologists are able to say, with clinical certainty, whether or not a proposed situation could be the cause of a specific injury.

Causality Reports are normally used in court cases or insurance claims. Using the information provided in imaging, medical records, and clinical data radiologists can make pretty accurate conclusions on how any certain damage occurred. At NightHawk Radiology, we are dedicated not only to quality and accurate reads, but also to the justice system. Providing services such as Causality Reports, Age of Injury Reports, and expert witness testimony NightHawk Radiology is a pillar of the community.