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New Cancer Treatment Grabs Hold of Malignant Cells & Eradicates Them

Cancer. One of the biggest health scares among people and top killers worldwide, is driving scientists to push for the newest and best research and most aggressive treatments. One of which is immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy can be very useful because of its ability to be utilized alongside other therapies, and may cause fewer side effects compared to other treatments. The innovation of immunotherapy is constantly moving forward, however, there are some side effects of flu-like symptoms and swelling, which is a reason why immunotherapy might not be the best for everyone. The healing process is slow healing for most treated patients.

How does Immunotherapy work?

Antibodies in the bloodstream roam to quickly find foreign entities and invaders. When they find them, they bind to them and call to deadly T-cells, and eliminate the potential threat. This new treatment takes advantage of bispecific antibodies. These are the kind that can bind to two different potential threats at the same time.

What does this mean for the future of medical science and radiology?

Upon locating the specific kind of cancerous cells, immunotherapy could be recommended to the patient. The specific therapeutic cells need to be trained and conditioned in the lab before injecting into the patient for the final result.

Immunotherapy could revolutionize the future of cancer treatments and change the entirety of medical treatments and diagnoses for the better.

Read more here: https://bigthink.com/philip-perry/new-cancer-treatment-grabs-hold-of-malignant-cells-and-calls-in-the-troops

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