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Catching Cancer -Medical Breakthrough Helps Early-Detection of Liver Cancer

Doctors have found a way to increase liver cancer detection by 40%. While the average screening for liver cancer is a basic ultrasound this is a process that misses a lot of small cases, which can become lethal. Scientists have found that by tracking a type of biomarker called alpha fetoprotein or AFP they can increase the early-detection of liver cancer from 63% by utilizing a two-test combination.

The first test is an ultrasound while the second is a blood test to check AFP levels. While AFP is a naturally occurring protein, it is mostly found in fetuses. An abundance of AFP can be a sign of developing cancer.

Common symptoms of liver cancer include: upper abdominal pain or swelling, loss of weight or appetite, and general fatigue. However, symptoms vary on a case to case basis and it is important to be screened regularly.

At NightHawk Radiology, we value your health and understand that it’s just as important to be updated on taking care of yourself daily as it is to be keeping up with regular doctors’ visits.

To learn more about this incredible breakthrough click here.

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